Natural accessories for а stunning look

Natural accessories for а stunning look

Wearing natural accessories has some really big advantages: it is an eco-friendly way to look cool, you can support local artists by buying fashion accessories handcrafted from natural materials or you can take up a new hobby and make fashion accessories on your own. It also gives a simple but charming touch to your style. Here are some ideas what to look for.


Accessories made of flowers and fallen leaves look so magical. Choose your piece of forest flora and decorate the simple white shirt with a leafy necklace or wear a pair of earrings with two matching leaves.


Knitted accessories

If you are a fan of knitting, you’ll definitely find the accessories made of yarn adorable. The knitted detail will give your outfit a soft vintage look.


Earrings, ring, brooch or necklace with ceramic details – there is plenty of handmade pieces to choose from for every style.


Wooden accessories

Wooden accessories come in an even bigger variety: you can pick a wooden ring, bracelet/ bangle, or even a handbag, bowtie or wallet.