5 interesting facts about coffee

5 interesting facts about coffee

As yesterday was the international coffee day, we decided to collect a list with some of the most interesting facts about that magical liquid.


Consumption: Finland

According to the International Coffee Organization, Finland is the country that drinks the most cups of coffee per capita. In top 5 are also Norway, Iceland, Denmark and the Netherlands.


Export: Brazil

According to the same organization, Brazil is the biggest coffee exporter with more than 2500 millions of kilos exported each year.


Coffee athletes

Speaking of Brazil, it has a very cute coffee story: during the Great Depression, Brazil couldn’t afford to send its athletes to the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. That’s why the athletes sold coffee along the way in order to “fund” the trip.


Coffee ban

During the 16thcentury, several coffee bans were imposed in Mecca. The reason: it was believed that the drink stimulates radical thinking. Perhaps that is why we love it so much?


Cats and coffee

You might find it bizarre, but miss Creme Puff, also known as the “Oldest Cat Ever” according to the Guinness World Records, drank coffee every morning and lived for 38 years.


Still wondering about that second cup?