5 unusual trends for men’s wardrobe in 2018

5 unusual trends for men’s wardrobe in 2018

It may be a well-known fact that most men don’t use trend guides or “don’t follow any fashion trends” because they think clothing is not such an important part of their lives. The truth is that almost every person on the planet is concerned about his appearance. Consciously or not. So if we look inside a man’s closet, we’ll see that each of the gentlemen has his own style. And sometimes it’s not that far away from the latest fashion trends.


While you are wondering what could be different in men’s fashion, this year has some unexpected suggestions to share with us. We picked 5 unusual trends, which could actually be surprisingly cool!

  • Daddy Cool


How cool is the Daddy Cool? It was a hit in 2017 and it’s continuing this tendency. With its relaxing and comfortable style Daddy Cool is a preferred style for the men. In 2018, the trend is appearing as loose, straight cut and light wash jeans, as well as other cosy clothes. Stay calm and be comfy!

  • Side-Stripe Trousers


To be honest, this one was a really unexpected trend for us too. Stripes on both sides of trousers, jeans or shorts – not the thing you were thinking of this morning, right? But they could be a good match and a diversity for your casual collection of clothes in the wardrobe.

  • Shorter shorts


Shorter and not only for the beach – here are the lovely men’s shorts. This year, designers are not ashamed to cut out as much of your jeans and trousers as needed. And if you are one of the men who aren’t afraid to be different, even if it means to have shorter shorts than the usual – do it! Take the chance to show some legs!

  • Tropical Print Shirts


To be honest or not to be… Tropical printed shirts are not exactly the type of clothing everyone would wear. It’s all about the juicy colours contrasting with big bright flowers. Although it looks as easy as pie, this trend is maybe the trickiest one. Don’t overdress yourself, pick out tailored pieces and match the colours.

  • White socks up!


Last but not least – white socks (!), which actually are the most predictable trend this year while we are on the wave of the 80’s. They appear to be a nice style upgrade for every man with a sense of style and a bit of humour. If you feel like this is the final touch for a perfect outfit – express yourself and be proud to wear your long white socks with any kind of trousers and jeans – long and short.