Autumn 2017 bags guide

Autumn 2017 bags guide

What bag will you be carrying this autumn season? And how are you going to carry it? We collected a list of the most wearable bags (and the hottest trends, of course) for the months to come.

Timeless classics

чанта през есента
Christian Dior

What is the first colour that comes to your mind when you hear the words “timeless elegance”? Black? We knew it! Good news, classics lovers: black finds its very own territory on the fashion map… as it always has!

Saint Lauren от
Saint Lauren from

Autumn in a bag (literally)

Tory Burch

On the opposite angle of the timeless classics mentioned above, we find those bright treasures. Feel free to mix and match all the hues that you can think of – autumn has it all, and so can your handbag!

Sara Battaglia от
Sara Battaglia from

Raw elegance

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is the leading lady when it comes to raw elegance. Even though she never smiles, the ex-Spice Girl (is there such a thing as an “ex-Spice Girl”? We do believe the following: once a Spice Girl, always a Spice Girl…) has a taste for minimalistic designs.

Michael Kors от
Michael Kors from

Mind the edges

Thom Browne

Rectangular-shaped bags have been a trend for a while now, but this season the designers seem to have an even stronger craving for them. We’ve seen such items at Thom Browne, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein Collection and Jason Wu.

Ted Baker from
Ted Baker from

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