Best Christmas ads – part 2

We know, we know – Christmas is over, the presents are open, the festive outfit is gone, you are back to work. Don’t worry – we miss the holiday spirit too, here is why we gathered it in the second batch of adverts that made us dream bigger, wish harder and be nicer (not only for Christmas). Have a look at the list and feel free to follow the example!

3… Cadbury
Sweet surprises are… sweet, that’s what they are! In case Secret Santa didn’t pay you a visit this year, you can be your own funny and giggling Santa.
What we learned from the ad? There is a glass and a half in everyone!

2… Tiffany & Co.

You know Zoë Kravitz – that special lady whose legendary dad Lenny belongs to us (or least that’s what he says in his songs)? So she is Alice in contemporary Wonderland where everything is pretty, shiny and delivered by Tiffany & Co. From the store on Fifth Avenue, miss Kravitz goes to another dimension and attends a preppy tea party. Dreams are free, right?

What we learned from the ad? Believe in dreams!

1… Iceland

Say hello to Rang-tan – the orangutan which a little girl finds in her bedroom. She asks the naughty monkey to leave, but also wants to know the story behind its presence in the room. The Rang-tan explains that there are people in the forest trying to destroy it for food and beauty products. The commercial is made with Greenpeace and fights against the usage of palm oil.

What we learned from the ad? The future is ours!