Green brand of the week: SAMARA

You know that during the past few years, the art of Green Fashion has been so popular that we can actually call it a trend.

Let’s journey back to the Spring-Summer 2016 collection that Karl Lagerfeld designed for Chanel. The sustainable pieces were created from jute, hemp, cork, cotton, straw and even recycled paper.

And how about Stella McCartney, the designer who banned fur, suede, leather and feathers in her collection since the establishment of her eponymous brand?

Today, our focus is on SAMARA – a Toronto-based brand established by Salima Visram. The label is named after Salima’s sister and its portfolio includes simple and elegant bags made from vegan leather. The tiniest (literally) item in the collection is the Apple Leather Mini bag which is made of apple-based leather.

SAMARA has also collaborated with The Soular Backpack – a company which provides solar powered backpacks for children in rural parts of Africa who don’t have access to electricity. Every purchase of a bag covers the cost of one Soular backpack.

“It is safe to say, when you buy a Samara product, you are lighting up someone else’s life.”