Jewellery trends for 2019

Jewellery trends for 2019

Even the most impeccable dress needs a little extra something in order to shine: an elegant bag, a pair of extravagant shoes, a patent leather belt or some small objects of sparkling affection. Let’s open the Pandora jewellery box of 2019 together!



Big and bold

Chain necklaces were big among popular rappers and fitness instructors of the early 90s, but now they are going to be a hit in every fashionista’s outfit of the day.

One of a kind


Every pair is at least a little bit different, so why not go for “non-identical” when it comes to earrings too? Mix and match a hoop earring + a pear-shaped stud or leave one of the pieces in your set and opt for one tassel earring instead of two.



Seashells on the seashore


Don’t hold back on wearing a seashell shaped pair of earrings even when you’re going to work in April instead of drinking cocktails on your summer vacation. Shells are going to be everywhere, anytime, monochrome or colourful.



Open front

Chokers are still on the menu, but for the connoisseurs, they are a bit upgraded. Or shall we say degraded in terms of material? Open-cuff necklaces were spotted on the runway of brands like Dior and Fendi, which means they will definitely be spotted in your favourite store too. Same goes for open bangles.