London Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2018 – street style

London Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2018 – street style

From 5 to 8 January, the British capital hosted one of the major events in the fashion world for men: London Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2018.


When it comes to street style, sometimes it can be more inspiring than a collection itself. Here is why we suggest you take a deep breath for that very first glance at the casual and not-so-casual looks sported on the streets of London.


The new kind of checked patterns

If Charlie from the Chocolate factory was interested in fashion, he would probably be willing to buy a checked blazer like that one. It is playful, it is sophisticated (in its very own way). Did we mention it is super cute?


Puffer jackets

As we already told you when we were collecting our winter must-haves, puffer jackets are here to stay with one additional feature: the bigger, the better.



Bold brightness

You know how there is such a thing as “too much red”? Well, you needn’t know it anymore, as there simply isn’t. Some of the best street style looks are proving that. While we’re on the subject, pink is not a girly colour since, like, forever and we can absolutely agree that sometimes a man can pull it off much better than a woman.




Logomania is supposed to be one of THE trends of 2018. Where can we find the precious letters? Literally everywhere – on crossbody bags, earrings, shoes, even on accidentally-on-purpose showing underwear. You name it, the brands have it!


And even though we also saw classic trench coats and tailored jackets, one thing is for sure: London Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2018 was anything but boring!