The longest electric car journey

The longest electric car journey

Electric cars are super cool and they are definitely good for the environment (at least once the manufacturing process is over). We love the environmental benefits they have. However, they have to be charged pretty often and you can’t do longer distances with them… Or can you?


Dutchman Wiebe Wakker just claimed the longest ever electric car journey. His trip started in the Netherlands and ended at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney with a parade of 50 electric cars.

Wakker, 32, said that the journey intended to prove the viability of electric vehicles as means of slowing the pace of climate change. All his travels were funded by public donations and sponsors from all over the world.

His Volkswagen Golf, named “The Blue Bandit”, covered 33 countries. The whole trip took a little more than three years. That may sound like a decent period of time to some of you, but bear in mind that Wiebe had to drive for 95 000 kilometres! He also had to ship his car between continents three times (the longest route being from Indonesia to northern Australia).


“People are congratulating me as I have shown the possibilities of electric cars but I am more happy with all the help I received from people during my journey. Wow, what a trip!”, Wakker posted on his Facebook page.

What a trip indeed!