Lunch ideas for work

Lunch ideas for work

In case you work in an office (and even if you are sharing a co-working space or you are privileged to work from home), hunting for lunch food from Monday to Friday can be quite annoying.

Here is why we are offering you four quick recipes that will add some colour (and vitamins) to your daily meal.

For the pasta lovers

We dig good pasta too. However, carbs are not the healthiest choice for daily use. But if you are not willing to let them go, at least try to balance with the additional ingredients. A good option is lettuce + tuna + red pepper + capers. Someone might call that a salad. That someone might be right.


Lentils with sweet potato

It sounds a bit bizarre, but bear in mind that lentils are an excellent source of iron and protein, while sweet potato delivers vitamins and potassium. So just give it a go!


Rice bowls

After the smoothie bowl triumph, now it’s time to welcome the rice bowl. Basically here is how it works: you prepare a bowl with rice and you add every single ingredient that you love. Our suggestion: fresh spinach, walnuts, arugula and chicken bites.


Homemade wraps

Wraps are super easy – just take some tortillas, use them as an alternative to traditional bread and choose your favourite vegetables for the stuffing. Add sweet corn, pickles and yogurt sauce – voilà!


Have a happy meal!