Makeup game

The creative online tutorials that enrich women’s daily skincare and makeup procedures have revolutionised the beauty industry. Lots of brands have also launched useful makeup apps, but now you don’t have to look constantly from your smartphone to the mirror and back again.



One of the latest innovative ways to refresh and improve women’s cosmetic routines is Morror, created by BackerPlanet. It’s a smart mirror that acts as а personal makeup assistant. The beauty gadget allows you to watch the makeup videos directly on its screen so you can learn useful skills and apply your makeup at the same time.

The unique technology doesn’t only convert daily makeup routine in an amusing game. Morror’s analyzer shows your current skin condition and you can then start to apply appropriate products (yes, this function seems to be an effective advertising channel). The special mirror has also a pro-lux light system, which brings the perfect makeup lighting and detects every single detail of your skin.

BackerPlanet is currently seeking funding and its Kickstarter Campaign allows customers to get a 5X magnifying mirror for free if they pre-order a Morror.