One beer from wind power, please!

One beer from wind power, please!

One of the major beer brands, Budweiser, is making significant steps towards climate change.

Budweiser said it has switched all its US brewing to renewable electricity and is adding a clean energy logo to its labels as part of a global shift to green power by its parent label Anheuser-Busch InBev, the Brazilian-Belgian beverage and brewing company. Apart from Budweiser, its portfolio includes brands like Corona, Beck’s, Leffe and Stella Artois.


Since the start of this year, Budweiser has bought power equivalent to its US brewing demands from Enel Green Power’s 300 megawatt capacity Thunder Ranch Wind Farm in Oklahoma.

“We know that climate change is an important issue for consumers, but they aren’t sure how their everyday actions can make a difference,” said Brian Perkins, Global Vice President at Budweiser. “The renewable electricity symbol can show consumers that their purchasing choices can have a positive impact.”


About 41 million Budweiser beers are sold every day worldwide and switching brewing to renewable electricity from fossil fuels will be the same as taking 48 000 cars off the road every year!

What a time to have a beer, right?