One billion trees in 2028

One billion trees in 2028

Deforestation has been a huge issue during the past decade. The fires all around the world are not making things easier. Here is why we should think of innovative ways to protect and nurture Mother Nature the same way she is protecting and nurturing us.


A Canadian company has a very cool solution and it includes drones as leading characters. Flash Forest is the name of the team of scientists whose new initiative aims to plant a billion new trees by 2028 using drones that carry the seeds.

The team quotes the International Panel on Climate Change – according to the information, we have 10 years to reverse climate change and prevent catastrophic effects on our species and civilization. In 2018, 34 billion tons of CO2 werereleased in the atmosphere. Planting trees is the fastest and cheapest way to reduce carbon.


The test flight for Flash Forest was during August last year and the result was successful planting of 100 trees. The Canadian scientists confirm that their drone system can plant trees ten times faster than a human worker can. Another advantage is the cost which is 20% cheaper. If the team works at full capacity, it has the potential to plant 100 000 seed pods per day.


We do believe one billion trees is a doable goal for 2028, do you?