Style Remix: Emma Roberts

You know her – she is cute, she is charming, she has big eyes and an even bigger smile. Oh, yes, and her aunt is Julia Roberts. That is Emma Roberts, the grownup girl who just celebrated her 28th birthday.


It all began on 10thFebruary, 1991, when Emma Rose Roberts was born in Rhinebeck, New York. Her father, Eric Roberts (brother of that very same Julia that we already mentioned) is also an actor. Emma spent her childhood on movie sets and eventually became an official part of their cast in 2001, when she played Johnny Depp & Penelope Cruz’s daughter in the movie Blow.

In 2006, miss Roberts joined forces with Sara Paxton in Aquamarine. The film got her several nominations and a Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film.


Her next big step was made in 2009 with the movies Wild Childand Hotel for Dogs. A year later, Roberts appeared in the film Valentine’s Dayalongside with her aunt Julia. 2013 was the time for Adult Worldwhere she co-starred with John Cusack and Evan Peters. Peters is currently Emma’s boyfriend and fiancé.


At the moment, the actress is working on the American Horror StoryTV series. She claims to be afraid of horror movies/shows, which is a little hard to believe, as she has four of them in her résumé.


You can also often see her name in some of the best dressedlists.