Summer festivals in Europe 2019

Summer festivals in Europe 2019

Summer is definitely the festival season, but instead of talking about music festivals you have all heard of, we decided to show you some other interesting events in Europe you can also visit this summer.

Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland

Wonder what’s the best time to visit Helsinki? Definitely during the summer season and especially between 9 and 11 August, when the Flow Festival takes place. The fest is best known for its sustainable organization, which aims to leave a zero-carbon footprint, present sustainable meals, use 100% recycled materials, protect the Baltic Sea and create a safe space, where everybody can enjoy their stay.

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World Bodypainting Festival, Klagenfurt, Austria

World Bodypainting Festival in Klagenfurt is the place where art meets modernity. The magical show program brings together over 300 artists to celebrate visual culture through creative body paintings. The event will be held between 11 and 13 July.


Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh, Scotland

Founded in 1947, The Fringe is the world’s biggest art festival which shows works of artists from all over the world. During almost a month (2 – 26 August), Fringe will present thousands of shows, covering every single form of art (theatre, dance, cabaret, opera, music, exhibitions and installations, etc.). Don’t hesitate to visit the festival this year.


The Road Junky Festival of Creativity, Czech Republic

Do you like the emotions of a festival, but prefer less crowded places? This one might be just for you. More like a family gathering than a festival, The Road Junky Festival of Creativityis an alcohol- and smartphone-free place, where people connect with themselves and with each other. With its many creative workshops and activities, which occur during a 10day period (June 21 – July1), the festival makes a creative runaway from the everyday life and opens more space for self-expression.


Corso de la Lavande – Lavender festival in Digne-les-Bains, Provence, France

If you happen to be in France during the period 3 -7 August, you should definitely visit the Lavender festival in Digne. During the 4 days you will see various thematic performances – from the members of the Commanderie de la Lavande dressed in purple robes and felted hats, to the colourfully decorated tractors, trucks, ships and even Provence houses with their yards. You could also try the regional lavender honey, biscuits, syrup and paté.


Vazdukharia aircraft festival, Sopot, Bulgaria

This one of a kind Balkan gliding festival takes place between 6 and 8 September in Sopot. Vazdukharia gathers pilots of unpowered aircrafts from around the world and fans of air space activities. Apart from flying with a paraglider, hang glider, balloon or other engineless aircraft, you could enjoy aerial acrobatics and the art program with different workshops and music shows.


Pizza Village festival, Naples, Italy

Pizza Village in Naples is (probably) the most delicious festival you will ever visit. It is also the world’s largest pizza celebration and has taken place every year since 1995. This year, the fest will also mark the end of summer. During the period 13 – 22 September, Naples will become the most desirable place in Europe, where pizza is available in its many different shapes, sizes and flavours in original Neapolitan style, as well as various bite-worthy interpretations of Italian pizzaiolos.