The wristwatch – men’s all time source of fashion inspiration

The wristwatch – men’s all time source of fashion inspiration

The wristwatch has been for decades now one of the most expensive accessories and one of the most desirable items in a man’s outfit. It represents one’s personality and social status and it can make a strong first impression regarding personal sense of style or, in some cases, the lack of it. You can feel it already, right? The watch is a tricky accessory to choose and wear and yet a proper one could become the perfect sidekick for any look.


Some interesting facts about watches:

The wristwatch was originally intended to be worn by women. The first wristwatch was created in the 16th century as a gift for the queen of England Elizabeth I. Back then, it was described as an arm watch. Men started to wear wristwatches significantly later – towards the end of the 19th century.

Watches on window displays usually show 10 minutes past 10 and 10 minutes to 2 o’clock. These two positions of the clock hands are known as the Happy time. When the hands are set this way, it seems as if the clock is smiling and this happy face projects positivity to the observers/ clients.

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Functionalities on watches such as water resistance, date display and moon phase are known as complications. Watches can have multiple complications in dive and pilot watches. However, dress watches have little or no complications other than simply showing the time.

If you want to do it right, you have to consider the watch as an investment piece. Well-crafted and durable watches are often handmade and therefore very expensive. But higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality.


The wristwatch is a timeless piece. Pick the best match for most of your outfits and needs, don’t just buy your watch following the current fashion trends.

Speaking of timeless pieces, watches are great heirlooms. Not only that the old watch of your grandfather could be a really nice vintage fashion find but also its age and previous owner put additional value to it.

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