Ketchup? Algae?

Ketchup? Algae?

What is the one thing that unites pizza, chips and algae? Ketchup! Let us tell you what we mean.

We are all familiar with those teeny tiny sachets that restaurants distribute ketchup, mayonnaise, barbeque and all other sauces in, aren’t we? They are quite useful, yet very unfriendly to the nature… given the fact that they are all plastic!


The British eatery The Fat Pizza is trying to reduce plastic waste by using a new kind of sachets made from alginate. Alginate (alginic acid, if we have to get technical) is a polysaccharide obtained from brown algae.

The sachets are a natural and renewable alternative to single-use plastic packaging. According to Fat Pizza, over 11 billion plastic sachets are sold globally every year. The alginate sachets decompose in 6 weeks. You do the math.


Sunny Chhina, owner of The Fat Pizza, points out that asan independent business owner, shewants to make sure that she’s doing her part to help fight plastic pollution in the takeaway industry. “The sachets are an environmentally-friendly and credible alternative to the traditional plastic condiment sachets and I look forward to continuing to support Just Eat in their drive against plastic waste.”, said Chhina.


Any ketchup with your pizza?