Beautiful hair during the winter

Beautiful hair during the winter

Let’s face it: nothing ruins a splendid outfit like a bad hair day does. And even though spring storms, summer breeze and autumn rain are not a piece of cake, winter can be really tricky with all those scarves and layers that your hair must survive before facing the negative temperatures.

Here are few easy tips that will help you (and you hair) in the difficult weeks to come.


Take it easy with the fabrics

The rule is simple: polyester fabrics tend to create more static electricity than wool, cotton, silk and other natural fibers. So keep that in mind when you buy your next winter scarf. In case you fall in love with a synthetic piece, you can glide a metal hanger over it to remove static electricity.

Less hot, more water

Hot water dehydrates your skin and your hair. So use warm, not hot water, otherwise your scalp will be dry and your hair – prone to breakage. Rinse all hair products with even cooler water.


Special condition(er)s

Hair conditioners or treatments with oil extracts will prevent the damage of your hair and heal damaged follicles. Voila – shiny hairstyle, no tangling.


Not only do you risk getting a cold, but you also risk getting drier hair if you skip blow-drying before you leave the house. The physico-chemical explanation is that when the moisture from your hair combines with the cold air, the result is more brittle hair. Washing your hair too often is also a bad decision, so stay away from it.


Add styling foam to the menu

Static electricity usually appears if your hair is thick. One way to avoid it is to add a little styling foam (a.k.a. styling mousse). According to the top coiffeurs, when it comes to styling foam, less is more, so a pea-size blob will do.

Wear a hat

Yes, it does some damage to your fringe, but it will also keep your hair away from all the snow, rain, wind and reindeers 🙂


Bonus tip: don’t forget about the usual trimming, regardless of the season! Brittle hair wastes both time and energy, plus it looks bad.