Gold jewellery from recycled computers?

Gold jewellery from recycled computers?

Did you know that electronics contain gold? For instance, Dell – one of the leading computer technology companies, uses over 3 tons of gold in its computers every year. Here is why it decided to team up with the jewellery brand BaYou with Love in order to create a special golden jewellery line.

The rings, earrings and cuff links from the collection are made entirely from recycled computer parts. The “BaYou with Love x Dell” jewellery collection is made from gold recycled from Dell computers, extracted sustainably and ethically. All items are designed by actress Nikki Reed and made in Los Angeles.

According to EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), around 12.5% of e-waste is recycled every year. That means 87.5% a.k.a. $60 million worth of gold and silver is thrown away each year. The company decided to implement that new recycling process in order to do something more interesting with the gold rather than just stockpiling it. Besides, that process of gold extraction is eco-friendlier than extracting gold from the ground with… 99%!

The jewellery is now up for preorder and the prices range from 98$ for a pair or minimalistic earrings to 348$ for a pair of cufflinks.

Check out the products here.