Feel the spring at home

Feel the spring at home

The first day of spring may be officially here, but the degrees that are typical for the season are still missing on the horizon.

Here are a few ideas that can make your home feel like spring, even though you are still wearing that favourite knitted sweater of yours on the way to work.

Bright paint

What better way to let spring IN than paint one of the walls (or why not all four of them) in your kitchen in bright spring colour? Green, yellow, pale pink, pale blue – the hues on the menu are endless!


Flowers to the rescue

New life, new leaves, new flowers. Everything is supposed to blossom during spring, so we suggest that you make sure you have a vase of flowers at home. They might not be glowing or emitting heat, but they will definitely brighten your mood.


Theme party

Is it still too early to drink Frappuccino at an outdoor spot with your bestie? Say no more – invite your girlfriends for a sleepover or a movie night, buy a green blanket and lay it on the floor. With a little inspiration, that might be your fresh grass! As for the Frappuccino – we don’t have a hot alternative for that one, but it is safe to say a cup of tea can put you in a better place and/or mood.



The spring season usually creates a special breezy atmosphere where freedom is the dominant feeling.

And so can some fluffy pillows on your couch. Buy a set of blue ones and imagine yourself under the clear blue sky, or a large one in yellow which can “be” you spring sun.


And remember: happiness is a state of mind, not of weather conditions!