Green brand of the week: RefuSHE

Green brand of the week: RefuSHE

As you probably already know, during the past few years the art of Green Fashion has been so popular that we can actually call it a trend.

Let’s journey back to the Spring-Summer 2016 collection that Karl Lagerfeld designed for Chanel. The sustainable pieces were created from jute, hemp, cork, cotton, straw and even recycled paper.

And how about Stella McCartney, the designer who banned fur, suede, leather and feathers in her collection since the establishment of her eponymous brand?

Some less popular brands are dedicated to sustainable lifestyle; others have special lines that embrace the idea. This week, we focus on RefuSHE.

“We created RefuSHE to be a model for protection, empowerment, and peace-building in Kenya and beyond.”
– Anne Sweeney, RefuSHE Co-founder

Anne and Taylin Good, the two co-founders of RefuSHE, have been working with refugee communities in Africa for a long time. During that period, they realized that the most vulnerable refugees are the girls and women who are orphans. Here is why they launched Heshima Kenya, now known as RefuSHE – a community for young refugee women where they live together and learn how to defend their rights.

Every woman deserves opportunities – that is the main principle behind RefuSHE. The organization provides education and safe houses and helps the girls develop skills that can guarantee their economic independence after wars and other political conflicts. They learn special techniques, such as how to paint and dye fabrics, and the results can be found here – a bold and bright collection of scarves, accessories and clothing.

The profit from every purchased item is reinvested in RefuSHE programs for other girls and young women who need help.

“It was my kind of runway: the most beautiful girls, survivors with their heads held high, bringing forward their own designs and culture.”
– Angelina Jolie for the RefuSHE’s debut runway show

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