Old bottles, new outfits

Old bottles, new outfits

Are you familiar with The Flint water crisis? It all began in 2014, when tricky levels of lead were found in the water supply from the Flint river (in Flint, Michigan). Due to that, all residents of the city had (and still have) to drink only bottled or filtered water until all the pipes are replaced… which took a significant period of time – from 2014, until now, an ongoing crisis.


As you can imagine, we’re talking about a lot of plastic bottles of water during that period. And you can also imagine what usually happens to those bottles – they end up in the ocean, which leads to some serious issues for the marine animals, the climate change and humanity in general.


A new exhibit highlights The Flint water crisis with… fashion!

“Flint Fit” is a clothing line by visual artist Mel Chin and designer Tracy Reese. The duo decided to use water bottles – 90 000 of them, to be more precise – and transform them into the fabric known as repreve, the world’s leading recycled fiber used by brands like Ford, Fossil, Quiksilver, Volcom and many more.


Chin said, “By opening the door for new ideas, Flint Fit aims to stimulate creative production, economic opportunity and empowerment on a local scale.”

Check out the whole collection here.