Air Ink: turning air pollution into art

What if we had the chance to turn air pollution into something beautiful, like art? The Singaporean company Graviky Labs have thought about this and as a result, they invented AIR INK – ink made from recycling the carbon waste in the air.

Over the last 150 years, burning fossil fuels has become the main source of our energy and the soot, which is its major by-product, pollutes the air we breathe and the water we use for our everyday needs. But behind every environmental crisis there is a creative eco-solution waiting to be discovered. And this is exactly what Graviky Labs did. Behind the urban air, polluted by millions of cars, factories, and households, the engineers saw the opportunity to be innovative in an ecological way.

The creation of AIR INK is based on KAALINK™ technology, which uses the carbon waste from fossil fuels as a recyclable material to make ink for artists. The engineers invented a filter, which collects the soot from the burned fossil fuels before it disperses in the air. When attached to the muffler of the car, the filter captures up to 99% of the carbon waste, without creating back pressure on the engine. The collected soot then undergoes various processes for removing heavy metals and carcinogens. The end product is a purified carbon-rich pigment in a marker pen packaging, which comes in four sizes: 0.7 mm and 2 mm round tips, 15 mm chisel tip and 50 mm wide tip.

The process of making AIR INK not only eliminates the possibility of polluting the air with carbon waste, but also there’s no extra burning of fossil fuels for making the ink. And Graviky Labs’ filter has cleaned 1,6 trillion liters of air so far. But it is still a prototype. Moreover, it can be designed to fit different types of fossil fuel chimney stacks and to be used widely in manufacturing.