Best Christmas ads – pt.2

How did you spend Christmas Eve? What about Christmas Day? We are sure you don’t want the festive season to end, here is why our proposition is that you take a (second) look at some of the cutest Christmas ads this year.



#YouShall Find Your Fairytale Christmas


One contemporary Cinderella and one contemporary Prince Charming cross eyes in the train. Sparks are flying, doors are opening, the gap between the platform and the train is not the only one in this story. But thanks to Ewan McGregor and a few hashtags, the two leading actors end up together, which gets us to the key message of the campaign: to find our very own fairytale Christmas.  



A Christmas Love Story


Another love story in several different short films, starring Martin Freeman? Yes, please! Dr. Watson, a.k.a. Martin, chitchats with a mysterious woman on a bench and ends up in a happy long-distance relationship with her. How is that possible, one might ask? Thanks to Vodafone, of course!



A Magical Holiday


SuperDad Jesse Wiliams tells a very odd bedtime story to his daughter. Its plot demands that the little girl finds Santa’s evil twin brother, who stole all the presents for Christmas. Mythical land and a lot of amazing outfits are just an addition to the fairy story. Did we mention that the mother in this ad is played by Nicky Minaj?



Faint + Faint 2: A Very Yellow Sequel

Yellow and Red and their adventures during the Christmas season are endless. This time, one of those sweet (literally) fellows tries to fill Santa’s shoes and deal with all the presents for the joyous occasion. Unfortunately, he gives everyone the wrong gift. Fortunately, that leads to a moment of bonding and sharing. The story is as sweet as a couple of M&Ms, right?



DO Get What You Wish For


You know how sometimes you end up having slightly different gifts than the ones you originally wished for? In order to prevent that, a few brave women, who wish for the magic world of Pandora, find unusual ways to give a hint to their partners. Their mission is successful, we hope yours was too!


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