L’Oréal goes vegan

L’Oréal goes vegan

L’Oréal, one of the biggest cosmetic companies in the world, announced that they are responding to the rapidly growing natural beauty trend by introducing to the market their very first vegan hair dye collection, which is 100% plant-based.


The company was established over a century ago, in 1909, by Eugene Paul Louis Schuller, a young French chemist, who developed a special formula for hair dying called Auréole – the French word for “halo”. The name was inspired by a hairstyle, which was very popular in that specific century, and later it was changed to the brand as we know it – L’Oréal.

The organic cosmetics trend has been driven by the rising number of young customers – the so called millennials – who reject chemical-based products in favor of plant-based ones.

“We’ve managed to marry naturalness with a professional result without compromising on either point”, pointed out Marion Brunet, L’Oréal Professional International Manager.


The new product is called Botanea and will be introduced to the saloons in Europe in May 2018. It will be produced by selected plants from India.