Bold in minimalist details

Bold in minimalist details

At a time of grand and rich detailing in clothes and accessories we embrace a break from them in the nail design.


The minimalist shades are exactly what we were expecting to see this year after a long time of shininess and variety of embellishments on the nails. However, minimal details here don’t stand for boring. Exactly the opposite. That particular kind and diversity of elements, forms, combinations we haven’t seen in quite a while.


A simple look with soft tones or with a lot of playful colours onto the nails? It’s up to your mood, vision and inspiration. And you can still be bold with this minimal vision. The simple look is often underrated, it’s not like it isn’t beautiful – of course, it is. The simplicity is colourful or it’s downright variegated in its rich minimalist forms. And so easy to implement!

Just draw your favourite forms onto pale pink or you can use a beige nail base coat, put some geometry over your top coat nail polish or be creative by making some dots, an exclamation mark, a triangle, a colon and combine them all.

Take some inspiration from these minimalist ideas and don’t be afraid to express yourself and experiment with new ideas, tones and figures.