The dualistic nature of Spring 2018 colours

The dualistic nature of Spring 2018 colours

Each colour brings a specific message and has the power to influence and change our moods or predispositions toward the world around us. And while colours continue to be the main influence for the fashion industry, designers are coming out with newer and more surprising colour combinations.


Entering the spring season, usually characterized by vitality, tenderness and renewal in all its forms, the fashion shows are introducing one extraordinary colourful, yet romantic palette. Energetic and playful, strong and bold, charming and impishly smiling, gentle and nostalgic – these are the energies for 2018.


Speaking of gentleness and nostalgia, here are the first four spring colours: pale pink, or the so-called Blooming Dahlia, with its romantic and subtle temptation, pale lilac (Pink Lavender), the Little Boy Blue color – a reminding call for the clear blue skies and, finally, the Almost Mauve with the unpretentious gentle touch of the unborn dawn. As Victoria Beckham said “Delicacy could be strong” and the delicate, bright shades are what we are looking for in this year’s hot season, BUT this is only half the story.


On the other hand, we see exactly the opposite, dominant colours like: warm and bright yellow, expressive ultraviolet, burgundy, chocolate infused brown, fresh and playful red-orange, lime-yellow, old green with cold blue tones – everything in perfect contrast with the so-called basic colours. These dominants continue the idea of positivity, inspiration, confidence and passion with the quiet claiming side of romanticism.


In addition, the “classic colours” for the spring of 2018, according to the PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report, are: off-white, light gray, the light and unpretentious shade of beige, along with the strong male dark blue, which is the perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe checklist.


We can summarize that the season will be remarkably dualistic in terms of colors, it will be bright, strong, noticeable, expressive, assertive, but also meticulous, gentle, romantic. All this comes from the starting point – namely, the strong presence and self-proclaiming of yourself, albeit sometimes in a delicate way, so you decide which side of your inner energy to highlight, be bold or be your pastel gentle force.