Lacoste’s fantastic beasts

You probably know the story about the most popular logo in the fashion industry. Lacoste’s green crocodile was inspired by its co-founder – the tennis player René Lacoste, nicknamed The Crocodile because of his hardness on the tennis court. The elegant beast has decorated the brand’s polo shirts for 85 years. But last week the iconic logo disappeared and over 1500 polos without it were sold in just a few hours.

The new story:

To support the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Lacoste gave its heart to more wild animals. The brand launched “Save Our Species” polo shirts – a limited edition collection where the crocodile was replaced with endangered species: the Kakapo, the Sumatran Tiger, the California condor and seven other species that deserve huge visibility, more than any fashion logo.

A total of 1,775 shirts were made for this smart campaign, created by BETC Paris. Their number was equal to the number of animals of each species that have remained in the wild. And while there were 350 polos with the Sumatran Tiger logo, the items with the Northern Lepilemur were really limited – only 50. You can find all animals here.

This was an amazing way to make fashion consumers feel one in a million, instead of one of a million. Indeed, the exclusive collection was sold out a few hours after the new logos made their debut during Lacoste’s show at Paris Fashion Week. But this is also the best way to fight for nature’s conservation around the world, using brand power.


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