Levi’s WaterLess denim

People are often thoughtless about their actions in everyday life and their effect on the environment. We burn plastics and breathe polluted air. We clean our clothes with chemicals and pollute the water. We use too much water and waste it needlessly…


But now we live in the time of big changes. And the healthy environment is up to us. A lot of fashion companies these days are taking small steps towards the big green changes. And Levi’s is one of them. Ever heard of Water<Less™ jeans? Yes, they are really waterless. They are made with the possible minimum – 1 litre of water for washing and rinsing a pair of jeans instead of the 42 litres used before. Nevertheless, wearing your new pair of Levi’s remains the same awesome experience.

The campaign began in 2011 and since then Levi’s have saved about 200 million litres of water. After joining the fight against the Global Water Crisis, the company is making a remarkable progress in the green thinking and acting and has made their producing techniques public.


In continuation to their eco-friendly idea in 2016 Levi’s started a collaboration project as an annual scholarships for entrepreneurs in the field of sustainable fashion under the name Levi Strauss & Co Collaboratory. This collaboration has a different theme each year. And not surprisingly they started with the project, dedicating the year to water. LS&CoCollaboratory also started a program for collecting, reusing and recycling textile. At the beginning they spread this practice in Europe, but it has been known to the USA since 2015. LS&CoCollaboratory is supported by the leading global solutions provider and innovator for collection, reuse and recycling of used clothing and shoes I:CO (I:Collect).