Unusual wedding cakes

Unusual wedding cakes

Most wedding cakes in history so far were multi-tiered, with lots of white flowers, white chocolate, white cream and white decorations.

In case you haven’t noticed, the classic white wedding cake is old news already! More and more couples decide to opt for a new approach for that royal dessert for their special day. And we have to agree it still looks finger-licking-good!


Petit fours

Yes, white is not completely off the table, but at least we can change the traditional “design”, right? Go for those “small ovens” (the literal translation of the French “petit four”) and you can be sure that all guests will be pleased to eat them!



Speaking of small desserts, the other very popular option is cupcakes. Just have a glance at this beautiful and oh-so-cute wedding cake with chocolate buttons and you will see how lovely it is.


The naked cake

Naked cake as in no frosting, or at least a minimum amount of it. The focus is on the different layers. And the decoration, of course.


Candy bars

Who needs a wedding cake, when you can have a whole candy bar? We can guarantee that your guests will be delighted to grab whatever they want – one, two or maybe seven different types of wedding desserts.


… and they lived happily ever after!