5 eco gifts for Valentine’s Day

5 eco gifts for Valentine’s Day

There is more than a week until Valentine’s Day, which means you have plenty of time to come up with the perfect gift for that so called better half in your life. Mind the nature and leave the sparkling wine, chocolate delights or expensive jewellery aside for a change this year – here is a list with 5 eco gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Homemade food
Have you heard the mantra that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? We believe that also happens to be true for the ladies. So we suggest you spend a little less time in the shopping centres (maybe try online shopping instead) and a little more time in the kitchen where you can prepare a truffle lasagne or chocolate candy. The most important ingredient? ♥!


Recycled card
You can always buy one in most of the big bookstores, plus it doesn’t cost much more that a regular gift card. But the biggest challenge is to make one! We will give you a hint: even the back of your latest fiscal receipt – the one that you were about to throw in the dustbin – can be considered as recycled paper. And so can our REmix Box. Colour it with water paints, crayons or pencils, write your message and spread the joy.


Adopt an animal
After all, is there a better gift than the gift of life? Adopt a kitten or a puppy – the perfect choice if you dream of a true friend that is also a fluffy companion for shared walks in the park.


Aromatherapies and massages are always a good choice, especially when Valentine’s Day is during the work week. Give your better half a voucher for one hour of tranquillity, or better yet – get one for the both of you!


A new bag
We don’t want to encourage material girls; we just know what some women love best: BAGS! The good news here is that on remixshop.com you will find a variety of second hand pieces for every style and occasion!


Celebrate Valentine’s Day in (green) style this year!