Best Christmas ads for 2018 – part one

Even though we were willing to share some of those heart-melting ads with you a couple of weeks ago, we decided to wait until December. Well hello, December, hello, festive spirit and wonderful Christmas… advertisements!

Let us introduce you the first batch of adverts that made us dream bigger, wish harder and be nicer (not only for Christmas). Have a look at the list and feel free to follow the example!

3… John Lewis

John Lewis & Partners opted for a celebrity… a very musical one! The brand picked Elton John who “tells” his own story in the advert, which journeys back to the moment when Sir Elton got his first piano.

What we learned from the ad? Some gifts are more than just a gift!

2… Sainsbury’s

A typical Western European scenario – the big night; the school play; kids getting ready; parents getting nervous; a little girl, the star (literally) of the play, is a bit worried about her performance; a barely visible encouraging nod from her mother and she nails New Radicals’ “You get what you give” song.

What we learned from the ad? We give all we’ve got for the ones we love!

1… Heathrow Airport

Of course we’re saving the first place for Heathrow’s cute teddy bears who are returning on your screens and in their home town in England. The ultra-adorable couple is spending Christmas in their stylish Florida mansion doing the usual stuff one does in December: sunbathing, swimming in a pool, decorating the tree with your shorts on. But something is missing. So they catch a flight and… you will see what happens next, we don’t want to ruin the magic for you 🙂

What we learned from the ad? Making it home makes it Christmas!