Last minute Christmas decoration

Last minute Christmas decoration

If you were too busy during the past weeks and you just realised Christmas is a few days away, here are four useful and super easy tips to help you:

Wood decoration

Make yourselves more comfortable at home this Christmas with the warm cozy feel of wooden decoration. Some of you may like this holiday style very much because of its minimalistic and natural appeal, stepping aside from the traditional shiny Christmas decoration. Choose wooden stars, a deer, a small pine tree or wooden angels to bring the holiday spirit to the corners in your home.


Transparent Christmas baubles

They are like the white canvas of an artist – you can make of them whatever you like. Paint them in a variety of colours, add glitter or fill them with different seasonal elements like pine twigs, snow from styrofoam, moss or mini pine cones, creating your micro forest Christmas tree bauble.


Christmas wreath

Make your ownChristmas wreath this year, it’s easy – all you need is some time, a walk in the woods and your creativity.


Warm holiday lighting

Add the final touch of your Christmas decoration with some yellow lights around the shelves, the doors or the windows.