Welly wanging

Have you heard of an activity known as welly wanging? Did you know it’s a sport? Let us entertain you by telling you more.


We heard about it while watching that favourite couple of ours – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – doing their New Zealand tour. And the trip actually included some welly wanging. Rumour has it that the Duchess of Sussex won the competition by flinging her boot further than her husband did.

“Get rid of your old wellies the fun way”, that is how the British put it. The sport called “welly wanging” originated in England around the 70s. It quickly became very popular and is now practiced during fundraising events not only in Britain, but also in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and even Germany.


The rules may vary depending on the region where you’re playing welly wanging, but one thing is sure: competitors have to throw their wellies as far as possible. In case you’re wondering about the world record for welly wanging, it’s over 60 metres (63.98, to be more precise) for men and over 40 for women.

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