National Panda Day

National Panda Day

Even though we don’t need a special day to celebrate pandas, those lovely creatures that bring tons of cuteness, we decided to share some interesting black and white facts with you today, on the National Panda Day! 🙂


The official name of the giant panda (simply known as “panda”) is Ailuropoda melanoleuca.

99% of its menu is bamboo. The other 1% areother plants, fruit or even meat.

Pandas live in the wild only in China.


The average adult panda weighs around 100 kg. They measure up to 1.9 m.

Female pandas give birth to one of two cubs every two years. At birth, the cub weighs up to 200 grams. It’s not black and white but pink and it stays blind for six to eight weeks.


At 80 days, the small pandas begin to crawl. They play with their mothers by wrestling and rolling.

Panda bears don’t hibernate during the winter. They just move their homes lower down in the mountain where the temperature is warmer.


The giant panda spends more than half of its life collecting and eating bamboo.

All giant pandas born in captivity in zoos all over the world must be returned to China. Yes, you heard us!

So enjoy the Panda Day with us and remember: cuteness is everything!