Best Christmas ads… so far!

Yes, we all know what you are thinking: Christmas is in more than a month from now! True, but what is also true is that some of the famous brands have already launched their Christmas ads and they are so amazing! We decided that you HAVE to see them – let the festive magic begin!

Marks & Spencer

This year’s Christmas ad of the British brand welcomes a special guest: Paddington Bear. The cute animal with duffle coat and a thing for marmalade sandwiches is Santa’s happy helper, and the message behind the ad is to Spend It (Christmas) Well. Charity is an essential part of Marks & Spencer’s campaign. The profit from a 3-pounds children’s book will be used to help children in need.


Have you ever heard of Christmas gifts that sing jingles? If your answer is No, you will be delighted to have a look at Amazon’s new ad and listen to their song. The special deliveries are dancing and traveling in order to carry a piece of joy to every part of the world. After all, that’s what Christmas is all about ♥

John Lewis

John Lewis have their very own monster! It lays under the bed of the little ones and it’s willing to scare them… at first! At a second glance, you will notice that the giant creature is actually very kind. Sometimes it is rather hard for the children to let it go, but we can assure you they will remember it, especially with the game that the company invented for the festive occasion.