Green brand of the week: MATT & NAT

Green brand of the week: MATT & NAT

In recent years, sustainability has been a widely discussed topic in the fashion industry. Understanding the importance of being eco-friendly, some brands have switched to sustainable practices in the manufacturing of their products and others, like MATT & NAT, built their philosophy entirely around the cause to care for the nature around us.

Starting with its name – MATT & NAT (“material and nature”), the brand communicates its main idea of using eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices in the production for a healthier environment. This concept came to life in 1995 in Montreal, Canada, where the brand has grown as a trusted vegan label with minimalistic style. Instead of animal leather, it uses recycled materials, such as nylon, cardboard, rubber and cork for all its products – shoes, bags and accessories.

The label is also one of the voices for sustainable fashion, communicating the need to take care of our environment, as well as of each other– they encourage upcycling the unused bags by donating them to Dress for Success – an international NGO for empowering women.

Furthermore, one of the brand’s factories operates by the SA8000 standard, which measures social performance in the workplace by looking at management system, health and safety, discrimination, remuneration, freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.

MATT & NAT can be found on – add the brand to your Favourites list and don’t miss your next “green” fashion finds!