4 easy, fast and tasty dessert recipes

4 easy, fast and tasty dessert recipes

It’s always good to know a few fast, tasty and super easy recipes for the moments when you crave something sweet, and instead of running to the nearest shop, be prepared with something sweet and delicious you made yourself.

Yogurt, chia and fruit

This is one of our favourite fast dessert recipes – a combination of sweet and sour, of healthy and tasty, and as a big plus you don’t have to boil a thing. Leave a tablespoon of chia mixed with 200 g of yogurt for an hour in the fridge and it will naturally absorb part of the milk. Then add a teaspoon of honey and sliced or mashed banana. You can also replace the banana with any other fruit you like.


Biscuits and cocoa-based raw sweets

Raw and super easy to make, these sweets are the perfect energy source.
Ingredients: 300 g biscuits, 100 g walnuts, 100 g chocolate, 4 tbsp cocoa powder, 150 ml condensed or regular milk, 140 g butter, a splash of vanilla.
The recipe:melt the butter and mix it with the milk, cocoa and the chocolate. Let it cool down and add the mashed biscuits, the walnuts and the vanilla. Mix all the ingredients and shape the mixture into small balls. The cocoa sweets are ready!


Fast vanilla cookies

It’s good to have some of these cookies in your bag, just in case of hunger for sugar.
Ingredients: 2 large eggs, 240 g icing sugar, 240 g flour, 1 tsp vanilla. Mix the ingredients well, pour a teaspoon of the mixture on a tray, lined with baking paper and bake at 180 degrees for 5 – 6 min. That’s all – now you have something for the sweet breaks.


Homemade chocolate cream

You already know about the history of this delicious hazelnut temptation. And now we’ll show you that actually it’s really easy to make it at home. All you need are 200 g raw hazelnuts, 2 tbsp cocoa powder, 50 g raisins and 120 ml milk. The homemade chocolate (or should we say hazelnut) cream is made with a strong kitchen blender – blend the hazelnuts for 30 seconds, then add the other ingredients and blend for another 30 seconds and the chocolate cream is ready.